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Designed in-house, feel good and smell great with my unique scents! Available in Perfumes, Candles, Melts and Reed Diffusers, I have something to suit every taste. Don't see anything you like? Message me! I have designed over 70 scents so far, chances are I can find one you will love.

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Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Shannan’s Perfume Workshop.... my lovely creation smells sooooo good!

Tracey P.

Absolutely love your scent combos, Shannan!

Jade G.

Always have one of your candles or melts burning.

Cheryl H.

The perfume workshop is amazing! I love creating my own scents and comparing them with the girls.

Kristy Y.

Absolutely love the melts and the candles they smell amazing and are very pretty.

Sarah F.

Thank you!

By shopping with me, you are helping me to support my family, and stay home with my girls. For this, I am extremely grateful.

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