The Perfume.

Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Shannan’s Perfume Workshop.... my lovely creation smells sooooo good!

Tracey P.

Absolutely love your scent combos, Shannan!

Jade G.

Always have one of your candles or melts burning.

Cheryl H.

The Perfumer.

I love scents. From perfumes and candles, to coffee and fresh bread, the air after it rains, a baby after it's bath, and that lolly that reminds me of camping at the lake with my Grandma.

For myself I create scents that bring back memories, and that (try to) satisfy my sweet tooth. For others, I design fragrances that will sit perfectly on the skin, a scent that is uniquely and recognisably their own. A custom, 'signature' scent. This process requires a close working relationship with each and every one of my clients. The resulting joy I see when I present them with their very own, one-of-a-kind perfume, is my why.

I am a fragrance designer. I live to create and spread aroma joy. 


Thank you!

By shopping with me, you are helping me to support my family, and stay home with my girls. For this, I am extremely grateful.