About The Aromatic Artisan

I love scents. From perfumes and candles, to coffee and fresh bread, the air after it rains, a baby after it's bath, and that lolly that reminds me of camping at the lake with Grandma.
For myself I create scents that bring back memories, and that (try to) satisfy my sweet tooth. For others, I design fragrances that will sit perfectly on the skin, a scent that is uniquely and recognisably their own. A custom, 'signature' scent. This process requires a close working relationship with each and every one of my clients. The resulting joy I see when I present them with their very own, one-of-a-kind perfume, is my why.
I am also a mum. Two adult boys (I started young) and two baby girls (I finished old) As a young mum, I struggled to find the balance between work and mum life - jobs during school hours were few and far between! I was either knocking back shifts, or scrambling to find someone to look after my boys. 
Being a work-from-home-mum now means I can devote the time to my girls, that I wish I was able to devote to my boys. I want to set a good work ethic within them all, and teach them that good things come to those who work hard for it. 
I'd also like to be a famous perfumer! but will settle for famous within our circles :) 

Shannan ~ The Aromatic Artisan