Enfleurage Perfume

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Smell is a word, Perfume is literature ~ Jean-Claude Ellena

What is Enfleurage Perfume? Well, it looks like and is applied in the same way as a solid perfume, but it's so much better than thatĀ šŸ˜

Enfleurage is an ancient scent extraction method, used as far back as the 18th century. This methodĀ consists of laying fresh flowers upon a 'pomade' of oils, butters and/or fats, over and over until the pomade has absorbed and is saturated inĀ the flower's scent. Many perfumers will process this fat further, to produce a pure absolute.Ā 

At The Aromatic Artisan, an Enfleurage Perfume is the scent-saturated pomade, and that's it!! Use it just like a solid perfume, and enjoy the real, unaltered scent of flowersĀ šŸŒ¹šŸŒøšŸŒ¼

To learn more about the enfleurage process, head to Seed To Perfume, a blog written by my friend and mentor, Jade ForestĀ šŸ„°

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