Have you heard the tale of the Winter Dragon? 🐲

A tale of a Dragon born from a rare Elixir, to rise forth and reign over all...

If you've been around here for a while, you may remember how my Winter Dragon scent come about, but if you haven't, or you don't, here is the tale....

It was late one stormy night (it may not have been late, or stormy, or even at night) I was busy at my scent table designing a new fragrance. Like many of my creations, I knew what I wanted it to smell like, before I began. I knew I wanted it to be warm and exotic, fruity and woody. I almost had it.

I had blended all the necessary elements to create the scent which I desired - Dragon's Blood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Ylang Ylang, but there was something.... missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew that I would recognise it when I smelled it. 

So I began opening and sniffing random bottles, in the hope that I would find the final piece of this scented puzzle. I was beginning to give up hope, until - there it was. The note I craved. It was sweet and fruity but not sickly, bright but not overpowering. It was perfect. 

But as I turned the bottle to read it's label, my heart sank - it was gone. The crucial words that told me what this precious oil was called had disappeared. What was I to do? The perfect oil for my fragrant creation was in my hands, but if I used it, I would never to be able to replicate this beauty again. 

I decided to risk it all and use it, indeed it was the missing piece. My creation was complete. My Dragon's Elixir. I released it to my Facebook VIP group as a limited edition and it was snapped up within minutes. As the reviews started to flood my inbox, the plea's for more, the gravity of what I had done began to hit me - I had created what was potentially the best fragrance of my entire collection, with no way of making it again. 

I knew I had to do something. I couldn't recreate it, but I could redesign it, make it just as good, but different somehow, even if it took me years (it didn't) So began the search for an alternative to the unnamed oil. I sniffed every bottle I had. Ordered countless samples. Again, I was losing hope of ever finding a suitable and acceptable replacement. 

The day I found it was a day just like any other. Wake up, consume my life juice (coffee) organise the child. Head to the post office to pick up deliveries. So many had already ended in disappointment, I was not even thinking of the precious oil as I loaded boxes into my car. Until it hit me - What WAS that smell??? It filled my nostrils before I had even opened the box and I was frantic, I had found it, it was in here, somewhere - Pomegranate. The sweet little red arils of scented goodness were the perfect accompaniment, and so the Winter Dragon was born.

Winter Dragon was created quite a few years ago now, and to this day remains one of my most popular fragrances. If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can find it here

Stay Scented, Shannan x

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