Buying Back Your Empty Tins/Bottles

The Problem

For a long time, I have had many customers ask if I refill candle tins/glass, or at least can take them back. I usually say no, however I have been working on a way to do this that is both easy and profitable for all involved! 

The issue with refilling I was faced with is the fact that many of you aren't close-by; you can't just drop it off and I then refill it. 

Also many candle makers will offer a discount to refill, however because all of my sales go through the website, I'd have to be creating and handing out discount codes left, right and centre! 

Then, there is the issue of sending them back - this will cost you money and be a headache for me trying to work out who sent back what and what they wanted it refilled with and have they even ordered it yet?? 

The Solution

I buy back your tins and bottles.

Sounds simple, right? Well yeah, once it dawned on me how to do it! So how it goes -

  • You order beautiful candles/perfumes from me.
  • Put some boxes/packaging aside for sending back.
  • You burn/use said candles/perfumes.
  • You remove labels (pop the eco-linens into your recycling bin!) clean with hot soapy water, empty candle tins (don't worry about the metal wick holder, I can remove that) and empty perfume bottles.
  • You send back to me, using boxes/packaging you kept aside.  

When they arrive safely back to me, I will - 

  • Inspect tins and bottles for quality (see below)
  • Refund your most recent order, to the value of - $1.50 per white tin; $3.50 per Triple Wick Tin; $1.50 per 12ml roll on bottle. 
  • Reuse to make more beautiful candles and perfumes!

What else do you need to know?

  • Tins and bottles must be in excellent, clean condition, no dents or scratches, and with all lids and tops.
  • The refund values quoted, in most cases, are more than the actual cost of the item, to account for your return postage costs.
  • I cannot accept glassware or perfume boxes. 
  • I will not be responsible for any returns lost in transit.
  • All refunds will be processed within 24hrs of receiving your returns.