Your Signature Scent

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 A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting 

 ~ Christian Dior

Imagine hearing ~ You smell amazing - what perfume are you wearing? ~ and being able to reply ~ I'm wearing My Signature Scent, it was created just for me. 

How would this make you feel? Special? Unique? Luxurious?

Come on a scentual journey with me, and together we will create a custom fragrance that will make you feel all of these and more.

With over 10 years of perfumery experience, you will be delighted and excited as you choose your oils, test the samples I create for you, then help me fine tune your formula until it is You in a bottle.

My process can sometimes be a lengthy one, but I promise you ~ It will be worth it.

Please Note ~ All Custom formulas remain the property of The Aromatic Artisan, and will never be used for anyone else.

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