Smudge Sticks

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Don't adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room ~ Unknown

Smudge Sticks are bundles of herbs - White Sage, Lavender, Rosemary and Rose in this case - bound together by twine. It is said that burning these herbs helps to cleanse and clear the negative energy from your space, yourself and your soul.

White Sage is the most common herb used, but when making these sticks I also decided to use some homegrown herbs that were readily available to me.

  • Lavender - from my friend's and my brother's bushes, for it's calming and stress-relieving properties.
  • Rosemary - also from my brother's bush, for it's affect on energy flow.
  • Rose Petals - from my grandparent's bush, for it's calm, love and relaxation properties.
  • Crystals - from Unearthed Crystals (my go-to crystal girls) for their various benefits, and for the pretty 💕

How to use - First, you light the end of the bundle and let the smoke waft into the air. If you are trying to cleanse the air in a room, you'd then walk around the space with the burning wand. You can use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke around, don't forget those far reaching corners! I usually start from the most negative-filled end of our house (there is one particular room) and move slowly through to the other end (our girl's room). To smudge yourself, simply walk through the smoke a few times, making sure you inhale some of the smoke.

Every Smudge Stick has been hand-bound by me (The Aromatic Artisan, in case you forgot 😉) will be chosen at random, and wrapped individually in tissue paper.

Happy Smudging!