Hidden Surprise Custom Candle

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Life is full of surprises, you just need to open the right box ~ Rahul Verma
Or burn the right candle!
Surprise your loved one/s with a custom made candle, that they burn to find the surprise! Whether it be a proposal of marriage, or simply a lovely message, this candle is a unique and beautiful way to do it. 
Proposal - Post your engagement ring to me, I will put it into a ziplock bag, wrap in al-foil, before placing in the candle. If you are hesitant to send such a precious item through the mail to a stranger (perfectly understandable) I can add a note to the candle instead. 
Choose from a variety of different scents, that we can discuss via email. 
Secret Message - Send a hidden message to someone special! A short note of up to 25 words fits nicely, without taking up too much space in the candle. We can discuss details via email. Choose from a variety of different scents, all unique and designed by me.

All Custom Candles made to order. Please allow approx 2 weeks for dispatch.