Headache Potion ~ Essential Oil Roll On

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His head .. it exploded. As if someone had scooped out his brains and put a hand grenade in his skull ~ Stephen King, I Am the Doorway

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints; most people experience them at some point in their life. They can affect anyone regardless of age, race, and gender. 

I have suffered headaches all of my adult life. Some minor, some completely debilitating. Doctors had me on all sorts of medication, some made me so tired, some turned me into a zombie, and some simply did not work. It wasn't until I started seeing a Chiropractor on a regular basis that I began to see light at the end of the painful tunnel I had lived most of my life in. 

Sometimes it can be a few days before I can get to my chiro, and so I turn to my Headache Potion! A few whiffs of this can ward of my head pain for hours, and while it doesn't always get rid of it completely, it does enough to stop me reaching for the pills.

Essential Oils ~ Lavender; Peppermint; Lemon; Lime.
Crystals ~ Hematite; Amethyst.