Achates Gemstone Luxe ~ Candle ~ Melts

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Achates ~ the Sicilian river where Agate was first found.
Surprisingly uni-sex, Achates is a little bit warm, a little bit sweet, and a little bit fresh! It's subtle notes open with Juniper and Bamboo, then Sage and Sea Salt slide effortlessly into it's heart of Jasmine and Blue Cypress. Oak and Vetiver complete this gorgeous scent. 
Housed in my exclusive hand painted vessels, the gemstone Blue Lace Agate tops the scented wax.  In our modern world filled with constant noise, pressure, and stress, the Blue Lace Agate crystal brings calm, soothing vibes that help cool off fiery emotions. 
  • Non-toxic Soy Wax | Hand-poured and painted in Victoria, Australia 
  • Approx 40hrs burn time
  • Cotton Wick + Circular Wood Wick 
  • Melts | Approx 8-10hrs per square
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