Zacadoo ~ Candle ~ Melts ~ Reed Diffuser

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Since he was very little, my eldest child Zac has loved apricots. For Easter he would prefer a bag of the dried fruits to chocolate eggs! When I spoke to him about creating a scent for him, he came out to smell all of my creations so I could determine what his scent profile was. He didn't like any except the coffee ones! So I asked what he would like his scent to smell like ~ Apricots. Easy. Well, it wasn't so easy, but I finally got it right.

Zacadoo ~ Apricot, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vanilla. Sweet and smart, just like my boy!

Candle - 20-25hr  

Melts - 8-10hr each square

*All burn times are approximate and will depend on how you burn.

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