Be Mine ~ Perfume Oil

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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible ~ When Harry Met Sally

Made with a base of Love's Bouquet, Be Mine is the fresher and fruitier version of this loved up scent! 

Raspberries, Blueberries, Starfruit, Cucumber, Rose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang complete this gorgeous perfume, a perfect gift for the love of your life.

2ml Sample bottles now available! Limit of ONE of each perfume ONLY. Any orders of more than one bottle of a particular scent will be substituted with another scent.

Jojoba Clear Oil is rich in Vitamin E and has a very close chemical composition to the skins sebum, making it suitable for all skin types especially skin that is prone to outbreaks. 

The clear variety of Jojoba oil has been put through a charcoal filter removing the color and odour. Please note that Jojoba may go cloudy in cool temperatures, it will return to its clear state with warming.