Aromatherapy Potions

Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing ~ Ezekiel 47:12

Using essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, branches, or roots, the positive effects of aromatherapy have been known and practiced for thousands of years. Whether you want to soothe your mind and spirit, protect or heal your body, using essential oils before reaching for the modern day pill may just be the thing for you.

I will say this straight up - I am NOT a qualified or certified Aromatherapist. The oils I have on offer here I have previously blended for myself and family members, after hours of my own research. Two of these blends I use on a regular basis, one I used while trying to conceive our youngest child, Solara. 

You will notice that I use Lavender a LOT - this is no accident and not because it is my favorite oil! Lavender is an all-round healer with properties that aid in many conditions, from insomnia to anxiety to reducing pain and inflammation! I also use crystals in most of my Potions as I firmly believe in the healing powers of these minerals from the depths of our Earth. 


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