Sethadoo ~ A Scent Inspired by my Teenager

When I first started taking my wares to markets, my teenager, Seth, would come with me to help set up. He would also look after the stall when I needed to go to the toilet, and helped with the selling when it got too busy for just me. He was a great little salesperson and even sold his favourite scent, Oasis Dreaming, to a stall next to us while we were all still setting up! 

When I told him I was going to create a scent in his name, he wanted it to be Oasis Dreaming! So I knew his fragrance needed to be fruity and sweet, just like his favourite. 

Sethadoo opens with a sharp hit of zesty Lime, mellows somewhat into Blueberry and Pomegranate, then succumbing to the warmer sweetness of Kudzu and Vanilla. Citrusy, tart and sweet, not like teenage boy at all!

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