New Moon Smudging

Don't adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room ~ Unknown
I haven't smudged our house for such a long time, and I can feel it. Negativity, lethargy, lack of creativity - everything feels draining. As tonight is a New Moon, I decided what better time than the beginning of a new Lunar cycle to clear away all that bad juju! 
I was a bit excited to smudge today, I used one of my own hand-strung, completely home-grown (not my home, but friends and family grown) smudge sticks, I've had it dried and ready to go for a while now but was hestitant to use it, in case the whole thing lit up in flames or something! 
It didn't!! As this particular wand is quite narrow, I did have to relight it several times, but otherwise it smouldered nicely.
Normally when I smudge, I focus on simply clearing negative energy and increasing positive, but today I decided to try something different. I always start in Spencer's father's room, the most negative space in this house, and move through the home to finish in Samera and Solara's room, the most positive room in the house. I still worked this way today, but instead of simply clearing energy, I thought I'd try setting a different intention for each space, depending on what that space is used for and what I felt it needed.
Spencer's father is, and always has been, quite a negative person, which is why I always begin in his bedroom, so today as I smudged his room I thought about lifting his positivity and mood. He has been quite unwell lately so I thought about him getting better, too. 
I moved to the computer/my planning room, and focused on creativity and prosperity. The lounge area is where we gather of an evening as a family and spend time before the girls and Bill go to bed, so I focused on family togetherness and fun.
I then moved through the dining area which is also part of my workspace, so the intention I set in this space today is one of productivity. Although I have been very productive lately, I'd like to step it up a notch!! 
In the kitchen I focused on creating nourishing meals for my family, we almost always sit down to eat these together, it's not always a relaxing event with 2 young children and an elderly child but let's see if we can better that. 
As I moved into Spencer and my bedroom, I decided to set the intention of communication for us. Spenc and I rarely argue or speak harshly towards one another, but sometimes we don't voice our concerns to each other loud enough, which could lead to future fights, neither of us want that! 
For the girl's room, I decided to focus on confidence and kindness. Solara seems to be quite shy when away from home, at daycare she barely speaks even though her vocabulary is quite extensive! And while Samera loves her sister dearly, she could use a little help being a tad nicer to her. 
I don't know if setting intentions like this will help us individually or as a family whole, but it's definitely not going to hurt, right?? 
If you would like to set your own intentions within your home, but unsure where to begin, you can find my hand-bound Smudge Sticks and a quick guide here.

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