Mera Doll ~ A Scent Inspired by my Daughter

When I gave birth to my daughter, Samera Maisie, she instantly melted my heart. She was all sorts of soft and sweet, small and fragile, yet strong and unbelievably cute! I had to create a scent for her, it's what I do!

I knew exactly how I wanted it to smell - sweet but not sickly; soft but not too fluffy; strong but not overpowering - all the things my daughter is, and I hope, will be.

The end result is a blend I named Mera Doll (after my daughter, obviously!) It is what I would classify as a 'soft fruity floral' meaning it's fruity, it's floral, but it's not too much of either.

With notes of Lychee Flower, Water Lily, Amber, Black Orchid, Musk and Sandalwood, I'm sure you will love it. Shan x

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