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Mera Doll ~ A Scent Inspired by my Daughter

Shannan Phillips

When I gave birth to my daughter, Samera Maisie, she instantly melted my heart. She was all sorts of soft and sweet, small and fragile, yet strong and unbelievably cute! I had to create a scent for her, it's what I do! I knew exactly how I wanted it to smell - sweet but not sickly; soft but not too fluffy; strong but not overpowering - all the things my daughter is, and I hope, will be. The end result is a blend I named Mera Doll (after my daughter, obviously!) It is what I would classify as a 'soft...

Zacadoo ~ A Scent Inspired by my First-Born

Shannan Phillips

Since he was very little, my eldest child Zac has loved apricots. For Easter he would prefer a bag of the dried fruits to chocolate eggs! When I spoke to him about creating a scent for him, he came out to smell all of my creations so I could determine what his scent profile was. He didn't like any except the coffee ones! So I asked what he would like his scent to smell like ~ Apricots. Easy. Well, it wasn't so easy, but I finally got it right. Zacadoo ~ Apricot, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vanilla. Sweet and smart, just...